Change Permalink Structure after Migrating from Blogger to WordPress (And Retain all Traffic)

I have been planning to write this guide since I migrated my oldest blog from Blogger to WordPress earlier this year. That blog was on Blogger from the birth (2012). I attempted moving it from Blogger to WordPress for a few times in the span…


Magic – Multipurpose Creative WordPress theme

I have always been crazy about WordPress themes and experiment a lot with different free and premium WordPress themes on my different blogs. I got a big collection of Free themes and a big list of premium themes which I love. I have also listed Top 5…


Create your own Facebook Viral Comment Script in next 2 minutes

What is a Facebook viral comment script? Usually, viral things are those which spread very quickly. If we take the example of Facebook viral comments, there are things which if a user likes and want to let someone else know, he/she will tag his/her friends there….

Eliminate Website Downtime

3 Ways to Eliminate your Website Downtime

No one likes it when their website is down. Downtime is more than just an annoyance or something to avoid. In fact, downtime costs $2.5 billion dollars each year to Fortune 1000 businesses alone. Imagine how much downtime is costing you and your business. The…

How to Find and Hire Affordable copywriters for your Business?

With the recent boom in various websites offering freelance copywriting services, there has been a deluge of writers all over. However, hiring good yet affordable copywriters can be quite a tedious, painstaking and time taking job as the final selection usually takes a long time….


Under Construction Page Plugin Review

We use many plugins on our WordPress site to add different features or to customize the site in a particular way. Plugins make our lives much easier and hence people migrate from to self-hosted WordPress site. We can turn a normal WordPress to an…

wordpress 4.8 evans released

WordPress 4.8 (Evans) Released – What’s new there?

WordPress 4.8 (names as Evans) is released with some exciting features. Though it is a minor release, the new features are really awesome and useful too. This update is available for production sites, directly from the WordPress admin dashboard. Although every release comes up with many…


Google is coming up with a brand new Google sign-in page

Nowadays, Google is coming up with various new changes for its different products. Recently Google launched some new responsive templates for Blogger platform, which are highly appreciated by bloggers who are using Blogger platform (Including me). Well, without digging further into, I’ll quickly highlight what…

blogger new responsive themes

Google Launches New Responsive Themes for Blogger

Have you noticed the new blogger themes yet? Yes, I’m not kidding. Google seems to be serious about it’s blogging platform Blogger, and introducing updates and new features. There were some minor updates related to the Blogger dashboard back in November 2016. However, many bloggers…

choose right hosting provider

How to choose the right hosting provider?

Do you know how can you decide whether the hosting company is good or bad? You might not be aware but storage and bandwidth are not the only things that matter these days. Do you know which hosting will suit your website? Here in this…