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Razor with a straight edge Shaving isn’t difficult at all. Of course, you can’t jerk the blade over your face. It is a process that necessitates patience. After all, these are cut throat razors.

The most crucial aspect is that your razor is razor-sharp from tip to handle. The shave will be better if it is sharper. The shaver will be at its worst when it is really dull. In that scenario, you’ll need a 4000 and an 8000 grit whetstone, such as a Norton Waterstone 4000/8000 Grit, 3″.

Straight Razor Shaving necessitates learning how to sharpen a straight razor. Go to YouTube and type in “sharpen straight razor.”

Sharpening a Straight Razor

On the stone, you simply form small circles. The angle at which the blade rests on the stone is the most essential factor. At initially, most individuals hold it at an excessively high angle. In relation to the whetstone, it must be as flat as possible. Although it is customary to apply oil to the whetstone first, some stones are dry. When you buy a kit, you’ll get everything you need, including instructions.

If you magnify it with a microscope after it’s that sharp, the edge will be very rough. As a result, you go to the hone. A hone is a metal item with a tapered shape. It stains the metal and makes it sharp. It’s rubbed down, then rubbed back. Take a look at a YouTube video once more. Sharpening a razor, on the other hand, isn’t something you can learn on the internet. It takes a pro to shift the angle only a smidgeon. He keeps a tight eye on you while you test it out, and then he adjusts the angle until you get it exactly right. This isn’t something that can be done through the internet. It’d be like attempting to teach someone how to play the violin via the internet.

After that, you apply a strop. A strop is a piece of leather with a loop for attaching it to anything on the other end. The angle at which you hold the strop, as well as the curvature it has, are both crucial. The angle at which you hold the blade in relation to the strop, as well as the angle at which you hold the razor in relation to the strop, is crucial. Each of these items may be seen in videos on YouTube. It would be impossible to explain them all in text. (Have you ever tried tying your shoe while listening to someone else write? It is ineffective).

On one strop, red pastes are put, and the razor is dragged down the strop, then turned over and dragged up the strop. You hold the razor virtually flat against the strop and the blade at a specific angle against the strop each time you do this. I used to sharpen my father’s razor, and I’ve done it a few times since then. I used to enjoy sharpening my tools on a whetstone as well.

Then, using the ball of your thumb, rub black paste into another strop or the back side of a two-sided strop (if you have one). This is a finer powder than red iron oxide, and it polishes the metal to a super-shiny, razor-sharp finish.

This sharpening technique needs both expertise and time to master. You’ll have a razor for the rest of your life after you’ve mastered it. It’s similar to learning to drive a car with a manual transmission. It appears difficult until you learn how to do it, at which point you’ll wonder why you couldn’t do it before.

Shaving With A Straight Razor Razor

After that, it’s time to shave. You can either acquire some paste in a jar, use a cake soap, or use shaving cream from a container to lather up your face.

On YouTube, you can see how you hold the blade and at what angle you hold it.

You’re done once you’ve rinsed off the lather. It all comes down to the way you handle the shaver.

You can buy each of these items separately or as a whole package. It literally costs you nothing for the rest of your life once you have everything and know how to sharpen the blade.

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